Why Does My Heater Smell Like It’s Burning?


If you’ve ever turned on your heating system and noticed a burning odor, this is actually very common. While it may be unsettling at first, this smell is nothing to worry about and will quickly dissipate. Keep reading to find out more about heating systems and furnaces.

Cause of the burning smell

home heating systemTurning on your heater is necessary, especially during the colder months of the year. The first time you turn on your heater every season, you may detect a burning smell. This is due to the dust that has gathered on the heating element over the months of inactivity. The heat causes a chemical reaction with the particles of dust that creates a smoky odor. The smell usually goes away within a couple hours of first turning it on.

Prevent the burning smell from happening

Keeping your heater in top working order is an essential part of winter home maintenance. When left unchecked, dust, dirt, and lint can accumulate on the heating elements. This creates a burning smell when first turned on. To avoid this aroma from engulfing your home and potentially damaging the heating element itself, it’s recommended to clean the heating element regularly. This can be done with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a crevice attachment or by using an extension duster to remove any debris away from the surface. Cleaning your heater regularly with this simple process can help ensure there are no unpleasant smells when you turn on your home’s heat for the first time each season.

Call a heating professional to have it checked out

hvac systemIf you are concerned about your furnace and the smell isn’t going away, the best course of action is to call a professional who has experience with this type of situation. We suggest to have them inspect your system so they can diagnose any potential issues with the inner workings of your heater before you continue using it. CJ HVAC can help with your heating system in London and surrounding areas in Southwestern Ontario. Contact us today for an estimate.

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